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Election authority chief Sadi Guven said on Monday that the president had "received the absolute majority of all valid votes," which is an "outright victory" in the first round of the presidential race.Sorao Sugiyama, attache at Japanese Consulate-General in China's southern city of Guangzhou, said that Japan's population is shrinking, so it needs to expand overseas markets, saying that as trade policies in some countries like the United States are turning protectionist, China's increasingly open markets are quite important to Japan.

Share price of INmune Bio surged 1.84 dollars, or 21.40 percent, on Tuesday to close at 10.44 U.S. dollars per share."We're looking for projects that leave audiences with a sense of positivity and hope," said VP Chen.



The fact that Turkey has promised to rebuild the infrastructure of Afrin and ensure the safe return of thousands of refugees is also a factor that justifies Ankara's motive."It is important to further the quantity of information that is available for investors," Schipke said, adding that more transparency should be conducive to the development of China's bond market.

With another hike for the Federal Reserve interest rates on the cards this year, experts foresee the mortgage rates will remain stable at such a high level. The rate was 3.88 percent a year ago.Meanwhile, China's investment in Africa surged by more than 100 times in value from 2000 to 2017. By the end of 2017, Chinese investment of all kinds in Africa totaled 100 billion dollars, covering almost every country on the continent.


Several Fed officials have also voiced concern over weakness in inflation. St. Louis Federal Reserve President James Bullard and Chicago Fed President Charles Evans have both recently expressed that they are open to a rate cut if U.S. economy continues to see tepid inflation in the coming months.Multiple panels with world's leading high-tech figures were organized during the festival to discuss the future of the technology, covering topics from high-technology for human well-being, future banking and blockchain, to autonomous and shared transport, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity.

Such tariffs are politically expedient because Trump "sort of promised that" to his supporters in the manufacturing-dependent mid-west U.S. states, which have seen great job losses in the past decade, Kuhn noted.by Matthew Rusling

"We are reminded all the time of life's fragility, shortness, and unpredictability, yet we are also reminded of its infinite potential," it said."We've gained far more than what we had in other expos in terms of the amount of information, professional visitors, business contracts and intentions for cooperation," said Chen. "It's really fantastic."

For ordinary people, the initiative could well represent something simple, "like a fragrant cup of tea," according to Lagarde, which has for centuries "brought cultures, communities and people closer together," and is ready to burst with new economic flavors.The party has successfully forged a formidable alliance in the state of Bihar with the Janata Dal (United) which currently rules the state. The state has 40 Lok Sabha constituencies. The alliance is pitted against the one including INC and the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD), another strong state-level party which ruled the state for nearly 15 years since 1990.


Therefore, any administrative decision by Trump will hardly convince the court to drop the case, according to Camlibel.Under his "Make in India" campaign, Modi attempted to invite foreign direct investments (FDIs). Through "Clean India" he vowed to make India open-defecation free by ensuring that every household had a toilet. And "Digital India" promoted innovations thereby making the country digitally empowered in technology.

Since mid-2016, Ankara and Moscow have been cooperating for a political settlement of the Syrian war, but Turkey is highly disturbed by recent Russian-backed Syrian army operation against Islamist rebels in Idlib.Cambodian Prime Minister Samdech Techo Hun Sen expressed the belief that Xi's far-sighted leadership will ensure China's steady progress in realizing development goals.

In the second most significant state of Maharashtra, which has 48 parliament constituencies, the BJP's long standing alliance partner Shiv Sena (SS) has been, of late, quite critical of Modi's policies, particularly in relation to farmers' issues. The alliance seems to be weakening day by day as the general elections approach. In 2014, the BJP had won 23 constituencies in the state out of the total 48.Lee Sun-Kyun, co-star in the movie, told Xinhua, "There are so many great films from foreign countries, from Asian countries. I hope there will be opportunity for a lot more foreign language films next year."



There were a raft of female directors helming this this year's top films, such as Lulu Wang for "Farewell," Lorene Scafaria for "Hustlers," Greta Gerwig for "Little Women," Alma Har'el for "Honey Boy," Anna Boden, co-director for "Captain Marvel," and Jennifer Lee for "Frozen II."The program attracts students from a wide range of education background from fashion, medical science to animation, engineering and others, according to Gary Buller, technical officer of PrintCity.

"You need to do psychological training. You need to make sure this person has sense," she said, holding up two cardboards in memory of her friend and a coach who died.He questioned the anti-globalization actions taken by some countries, which he said are "going a very wrong direction" and "in a way closing the door and stopping the trade." "Protectionism eventually brings bad things ... It always shows to be bad in the long run," he said. "Trade wars are never won."


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日本核电站泄漏令人忧心 核安全成关注焦点

by Xinhua Writer Yang Dingdu..


"The political solution to the Palestinian issue is the right way at present. The workshop in Bahrain which only focuses on economic means can not convince the Palestinians or win the recognition of Arab states and the international community. Ultimately, it serves the American interests," Ahmed Abu Wafa, a Cairo-based political analyst, told Xinhua....
李娜或因姚明退役受益 中国体育第一人将易主

民惟邦本 港媒梳理温家宝十年悲喜总理路(图)(6)

Deputy Culture and Tourism Minister Huseyin Yayman said Turkey had entered a period of stagnation in the tourism sector after the botched coup in 2016, but the sector improved in 2017. "Turkey's 2018 target is 40 million foreign tourists," Yayman said....


He pointed out that it is just not in China's interest to promote a debt trap....


Cavusoglu stressed that Turkey expects full EU membership, but adding that it faces "political obstacles" created by the bloc....


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