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“政知”系列微信公众号在实现全年累计阅读超过2460万次的成绩的同时,向多平台延伸发展,与新浪微博,网易、腾讯新闻客户端,今日头条等多个平台合作,尝试推出不同的新媒体产品。其中,“政知”头条号创造了累计阅读量6.04亿、单篇最高阅读数超过865万的成绩。此外,2016年年底,“政知局”入驻蜻蜓FM,开辟“政知”系列音频新业务,推出两期节目,收听人数近8万,总体效果超出预想。MUSCAT, Dec. 5 (Xinhua) -- Mohammed Abdel Salam, spokesman for Yemeni Houthi rebel, travelled on a plane on Wednesday from the Omani capital Muscat to the Swedish capital Stockholm to attend the upcoming peace talks, an official statement from the Omani Foreign Ministry said.

In mid-October, the Fed also announced that it would begin expanding its balance sheet by buying about 60 billion U.S. dollars a month in Treasury bills, in an attempt to provide more accommodation to the economy. It partly reversed the process of shrinking the Fed's balance sheet, which started since October 2017.作为本届中国食品发展大会的一大亮点,新华网食品频道与中国社会科学院食品药品产业发展与监管研究中心强强联合,发挥各自的优势共同启动了“2021年中国社会科学院&新华网产业研究报告计划”。



The ministry also said that preparations for the Zambia-China Year have already begun and the ministry is working on the plan to roll out the programs.“我也打过退堂鼓,但终究扎根西部,以站为家了”

“现在长春市已经建立草编合作社38家,辐射村屯260个,带动妇女居家灵活就业8600人,累计为农民增收2.5亿元。”长春市妇联妇女发展部部长方邡说,我们将不断推动草编产业朝着市场化、专业化、规模化发展,让更多妇女通过劳动摆脱贫穷,过上好日子。2020京东文学盛典莫言直播:读书要趁早 2020京东文学盛典莫言直播:读书要趁早 2020京东文学盛典莫言直播:读书要趁早蒋韵是一位得过很多文学奖的女作家。这次京东文学盛典,她的作品和女儿笛安的《景恒街》同时进入推荐名单。在叶兆言看来,蒋韵是一个被低估的女作家,她的所有作品都非常出色,小说读上去有一点古典美。对于蒋韵的语言,莫言也给出了很高的评价:干练,明快,描写准确,用词造句毫不拖泥带水,“有宽恕,有希望”是莫言对这部作品的概括。


在“618”活动的带动下,步入6月份,中国消费的热情和潜力再一次被激发,正贡献出一系列让人更为乐观的消费数据。This was the first time in ASEAN's 50-year history that the regional bloc's development strategy is aligned with that of China, which is expected to unleash huge potential for economic integration between them.

“这个假期很特别,我希望自己提升各方面能力,让每天都过得充实。”李亭漪说,她还买了大学英语四级的书籍,每天都抽时间练习听力和阅读,为未来学习做准备。Tourists visit the Changshou Mountain scenic spot in Zhulin Township of Gongyi, central China's Henan Province, May 3, 2019. In recent years, Zhulin Township has been committed to developing tourism industry, as a way to boost people's income. (Xinhua/Feng Dapeng)

[两会“三步曲”]让孩子们有时间“荡起双桨”TANGIBLE BENEFITS FOR PEOPLE



By Michael PlaceIn just two minutes on the country's Singles' Day, shoppers smashed over 10 billion yuan (1.45 billion U.S. dollars) on e-commerce giant Alibaba's online platforms. The 24-hour sales amounted to a record of 213.5 billion yuan, exceeding that of Cyber Monday and Black Friday combined.


The two countries should also expand people-to-people and cultural exchanges, and increase communication and cooperation in international affairs, he said.The government said in a statement that it regards the industrial action as politically motivated, and that it would immediately employ new nurses and recall those who retired from the service to replace the sacked health personnel.



Chinese telecommunication companies such as ZTE have also helped local telecommunication companies to provide a better service.HARARE, June 30 (Xinhua) -- The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission on Friday invited political parties to witness the printing of ballot papers to be used in the July 30 general elections.

Both China and Spain have followed a development path that suits their own national conditions over the past four decades to achieve national prosperity and social progress, Xi said when addressing the two houses of Spanish parliament, the Senate and the Congress of Deputies.据了解,本次活动由新华社民族品牌工程办公室和贵州省民族宗教事务委员会共同主办。多彩贵州网、新华社新闻信息中心、中国经济信息社、新华网、新华社新媒体中心、《中国名牌》杂志社承办。茅台集团、奇瑞汽车、中国银行(公益中国)、康师傅、浔龙河、重庆农投良品、九峰医疗、春伦集团、天士力国台酒业等20家余家民族品牌企业参会。


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The price index for personal consumption expenditures (PCE), the Fed's favorite inflation indicator, increased 1.5 percent over the 12 months through November, still below the central bank's target of 2 percent...
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WINDHOEK, Jan. 15 (Xinhua) -- Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Monday said that he is hopeful about the opportunities that have been availed to his country singling out the Chinese chicken market as a prospective area for export....
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He said the two sides "discussed together some crucial issues and made more progress than I would have imagined."...


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