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LONDON, Nov. 13 (Xinhua) -- The great contribution by Chinese laborers during World War I, largely neglected over the past century, essentially helped shape Europe, said a renowned China expert."It meant that the leaders from China and U.S. would get together, have an agenda peaceful, and be in regular contact," he said, adding "we can hope for something good" as long as there is a formal dialogue process.

Over the last two decades, Rwanda has maintained political stability and realized economic development, said the envoy."Behind it (the exhibition), there is in-depth, long-term cooperation in research, in skill sharing, in thinking about digital," he said.



The country has also proved its global economic strengthen by introducing an advanced digital strategy to achieve its economic goals, added the rector, who is also an expert on international policies and economics.The Brussels-based expert said "there isn't, for the moment, any real cooperation" between the United States and the EU on trade policy, and with Trump's new move, the relations are certain to become confrontational.

Goggi also noted that the free and unencumbered import of pure tea from its origin is a centuries-old tradition. "Tea has been tax free for many, many, many years and it should remain that way," he said."The aim of the museum was not only to reflect the unique history of the province from prehistory to modern times, but also to highlight the Egyptian identity through the changes that had taken place in Upper Egypt," Ezz said.


In response, China on Wednesday unveiled a list of imported U.S. products worth 50 billion dollars that will be subject to higher tariffs, including soybeans, automobiles, aircraft and chemical products.The China-Thailand railway will be finally connected with the China-Lao railway, thus using Chinese technology, which has been widely recognized across the world, will make it more accessible in the connectivity plan, said the expert.

Finland is the current chair of the Arctic Council. Niinisto noted that China's first white paper on Arctic policy is in line with the international law and the proposal to build a Polar Silk Road will promote understanding among relevant parties.Rutte expects over 30 contracts and MoUs (memorandum of understanding) to be signed between Dutch and Chinese businesses during the mission, mostly in the fields of agrofood, horticulture, health, waste management and green transport.

The first CIIE commercial exhibition will include trade in goods and services. The section of trade in services comprises emerging technologies, service outsourcing, creative design, culture and education, tourism, logistics, and comprehensive services. EY has secured a 72-square-meter exhibition area.by Xinhua writer Tu Yifan

At the forefront in this area of computer science, Ukrainian-born Professor Mikhail Prokopenko, who now resides in Australia, told Xinhua in an interview for the Sydney Science Festival, "it's not just science fiction ... we are definitely far beyond just theorizing."The Chinese leader's upcoming visit would boost the bilateral ties to fulfill all the potential, according to the Italian head of government.


"There is no question that the appetite for Latin American commodities, especially in the cycle where there were high prices of commodities, helped the development of many Latin American economies in the last decade and a half," Moreno said.The U.S. bans only reveal the desperation of Washington's anti-Iran policies, Iran's Foreign Ministry Spokesman Abbas Mousavi was quoted as saying.

Referring to product quality, Koslowski said that products of Chinese companies are very good and they are getting even better.As for the famous leader's pins, this year local jewelers have been making the souvenir's out of 18 carat PNG gold in the shape of the bird of paradise, which is the country's national symbol.

"More and more Ecuadorian bananas and shrimp are served at Chinese tables, and Ecuadorian roses are well-liked by Chinese consumers," said Wang.Sharaf said that China establishes partnerships based on the principle of "let's think together, work together and share the fruits together."



Iran has been self sufficient in wheat production for two years now and only imports wheat for export purposes after processing it into flour.As Malaysia-China ties were enhanced to the level of comprehensive strategic partnership in 2013, Malaysia now sees China as a partner that "could be trusted and depended on," Wee said.

The relationship, full of positive energy, "sets a good example of big and small countries fostering friendly relations and pursuing common development," Zhai said.The government has set a goal of developing the tourism industry to a 2.2 billion Fijian dollar (about 1.1 billion U.S. dollar) industry by 2021.


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By far, Wood has been engaged in more than 100 projects across China, from Chongqing to Wuhan to Hangzhou...


Kiselev was impressed by the "valuable and educational" Russia-China joint reporting project "Wuhan On the Line," where Wuhan residents, scientists, doctors and representatives from public organizations spoke in detail about the latest development regarding the COVID-19 epidemic in China as well as measures taken by the country's leadership to curb its spread....


The United States "has no chance" of disrupting the infrastructure built in China over the years and disabling the country's well-trained human resources, said Perincek....

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Brunei boasts excellent infrastructure and a good investment environment, said the ambassador, adding that the two countries share broad prospects in cooperation within both bilateral and multilateral frameworks....
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However, Iran has ruled out calls of Western countries to withdraw its military advisors from Syria....


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