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SYDNEY, Aug. 30 (Xinhua) -- The Alibaba E-Commerce Expo commenced in Sydney on Friday, giving local Australian and New Zealand brands the opportunity and know how to access China's ever growing online customer base."Matryoshka dolls are quite popular during the holidays, and retailers have big demand for the dolls," Ren said. "Some even reserved the dolls for the Labor Day holiday this year."

"The grapes can now be sold in three ways -- fresh grapes, leaves and raisins," said Cui, while adding that local villagers' lives have become better due to rising incomes from selling grape leaves.U.S. artist Alexis Fraser, also known as "Lipstick Lex", works on the final part of her kiss print painting "Victoria Harbour Sunset" during her solo exhibition "Sun-kissed Summer" in south China's Hong Kong, June 27, 2018. The month-long exhibition displays 22 artwork pieces created by Fraser using lipstick colors and kiss prints. (Xinhua/Li Peng)



In the early years of growing grapes, farmers gave away wine to their friends, and invited people nearby to pick grapes in their vineyards. With more and more tourists coming, villagers realized that they could use wine to turn the once-isolated village into a tourist destination.The Yi ethnic group used to believe the disease was caused by "demons," regarding leprosy patients as "ghosts."

Geng, 55, is a lathe operator at Yunnan Metallurgical Kunming Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., which has been manufacturing casting machines, cranes and other heavy equipment for mining, metallurgy, and road construction since 1958.The village's farms are now using earthworm waste, and the quality of the vegetables and fruit is far better.


Art exhibitions in recent years have seen increasing intangible cultural heritage elements. In May, the Cultural Creative Products Expo made its debut as part of the 12th China Art Festival held in Shanghai, and achieved total sales of 34 million yuan (4.9 million U.S. dollars) within four days, demonstrating the growing business opportunities for China's cultural creative industry.基于大数据的深度学习等机器学习算法能力的增强,极大地促进了计算机视觉、语音识别等技术的不断突破,中国技术主导型初创型公司不断涌现。对此,德国汉堡科学院院士、德国汉堡大学多模态智能机器人系统研究所所长张建伟认为,正是技术驱动造就了目前国内人脸识别、语音识别领域的繁荣景象。未来,真正有用的人工智能发展将出现在机器人等可以落地的领域。

BEIJING, Jan. 19 (Xinhua) -- A photo exhibition featuring Chinese life in the 19th century has attracted more than 70,000 visitors at the Tsinghua University Art Museum since its opening two months ago.The report also showed that an increasing number of firms in China are attaching greater importance to the candidate's data analysis capacity.

"Since gray, black and dark blue were the popular clothes colors at that time, I was eager to seek change and buried a dream in my heart -- being a tailor," Chang said.A famous hospital in Beijing has introduced the air bottles to their wards, as the increase in negative oxygen ions helps improve hospital air conditions as well as the health of patients.

"I not only want to bring laughter to the viewers but also share the 'behind-the-curtain' things," she said.此次发布的产品,让人印象深刻:AI视频面试工具“魔镜”,可基本代替人力完成初筛,节省80%以上的招聘时间;灵活用工服务平台,蓝领岗位匹配成功率超过80%,能够实现快速上岗、即招即用;采用“网店”模式开发的“人事通”,让基础人事服务变得更加便捷高效……中小企业正在逐步了解和接纳人力资源领域的新理念、新服务。


"It used to be the dream to marry a city man for us rural girls. But it is different now. I want to stay in the village even if my husband is from the city. It is even better if he agrees to move here," she said. EnditemFacing such serious pollution, the local government took a series of measures to protect the environment of the lake and relocate the local fishermen. From November 2016 to January 2017, all fences and nets in Honghu Lake were removed, and 1,559 fishing boats were bought by the government.

The small robot was remotely controlled by workers in the maintenance unit of the State Grid Sichuan Electric Power Company and was used for the first time for grid maintenance. The robot's true significance however is that it is powered by technology developed for space exploration."In a world of globalization, culture is an identity of a nation. With rich cultural heritage, Chinese people carry forward and develop the traditional Chinese virtues. At the same time we are open to new ideas and new things," Li said.

At the beginning of this year, Tashi finally got the chance to turn Barkhor Street into his runway. "Design my own dream and make it real. That's my idea of fashion," Tashi said."Technology and culture can go hand in hand, and the former can help connect the latter with the modern world in a smart and subtle way," said Wang Xiaobing, director of Tencent Research.



"I grew up living in round houses. They are just like a mother to me," Li said. "The Hakka pay attention to filial piety. I take it as my life-long mission to protect, repair and restore these houses."The beneficiaries include residents who were living in rundown urban areas, herders, rural residents, as well as residents whose homes had been damaged by natural disasters such as earthquakes.

Shen, 50, lives in a mountain village with around 2,000 people in Shucha Township, east China's Anhui Province. Many of the villagers have not been to the county seat 20 km away for decades due to the treacherous landscape.In June 2017, China introduced the cybersecurity law to guarantee the safety of Internet products, services, operation, network data and information.


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"We wanted to let our child get close to nature, and we heard that there were some good schools here," she says....


Both of the U.S.-listed Chinese internet giants are rooted in Hangzhou, capital of east China's Zhejiang Province. The two companies said the integration helps them work more closely together to explore the future of the digital economy era....
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"The real significance of the [rose-pig] model is that it connects the animal husbandry and floriculture to raise the 'brand value' of agricultural products and improve the incomes of farmers," said Peng....


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