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His dream about a better future for the family bitterly turned into an inconsolable loss, a crippling debt and an uncertain future for the family.Muang Tam, a name called by locals, means lowland town as it sits on the plain, a lower place compared with Phanom Rung on the extinct volcano.

Thanks to Relinque's efforts, those classical Chinese literary works have been translated into Spanish for the first time."China is a good friend of our Kuwaiti people. Almost all of our perfume bottles and mist sprayers come from China," he said.



After watching the show, many visitors had words of praise for the elegance and precision of Chinese performers."There has been many warnings," said O'Connell, closing doors of the food van that she ran. "But people are still trying to go on with their daily life and make it as normal as possible."

Ending the state of war on the peninsula is forecast to be another topic after the South Korean presidential Blue House confirmed it was reviewing ways to switch the armistice agreement into a peace regime."Behead a man rather than cut off his livelihood," al-Makhlaki cited a famous Arab proverb as saying.


Prev 1 2 3 4 5 NextAt around 8:30 a.m., a group of cheerful zoo keepers dragged out a supply of Bei Bei's favorite treats, loading them onto a FedEx truck. The bounty included 30 kg of bamboo, 1 kg of apples and pears, two bags of leaf-eater biscuits, and 1 kg of cooked sweet potatoes.

Francisco, an engineer, said that since they got married 10 years ago, he has been very used to the celebration.CHINESE VISITORS ON RISE

Turkish laws forbid marriage for minors younger than 17, thus cases of early marriages are not officially registered but cases of child pregnancies still make headlines."The Museum of Ancient Greek Technology brings back to life about 500 great inventions of ancient Greeks... Here visitors can admire more than 100 reconstructions of these inventions," the founder told Xinhua.

"I was lucky that I met a very good teacher, who is called Yife, motivated me, taught me the Chinese culture and guided me to love it," she said with a touch of nostalgia.THE SENATOR'S SON


According to the MIT Technology Review, 2017 has seen the development of several technologies with staying power to impact people's lives greatly in the decades to come.She is the first female winner of the prestigious Donatella Flick Conducting Competition and is currently the Principal Guest Conductor of the Royal Scottish National Orchestra and also the recently appointed chief conductor designate of the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra.

ENTRY TO CHINESE CULTUREAmong the injured, 96 were shot with live ammunition, of whom 4 are in serious conditions.

"We do not own a house, and my father has to wash cars in the streets in order to pay rent for our small apartment," Omar told Xinhua.People attend a celebration for the International Day of Peace in Damascus, capital of Syria, Sept. 21, 2018. Thousands of Syrians on Friday took part in activities, including a nationwide marathon, marking the International Day of Peace as the country's more than seven-year-long war is winding down. The International Day of Peace is celebrated on Sept. 21. (Xinhua/Ammar Safarjalani)?



Francisco, an engineer, said that since they got married 10 years ago, he has been very used to the celebration.Itay Vodovoz, a young visitor from Israel, was also among the approximately 2,000 people attending the festival.

"The music sounded as if a cavalry was storming through the hall, accompanied by delicate voices that convey stories about the worldview of Inner Mongolian people. I can see that China is rich in exotic folklore and that the instruments of this ensemble quite resemble Serbian traditional gusle (wooden fiddle)," said Dragana Bosic, a spectator.Decreasing orange price and increasing imports cause big losses for the farmers, who want a government subsidy policy in the agricultural sector for Diyala, the "town of orange" in Iraq.


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The tradition reflects Vietnamese people's respect and thirst for knowledge and studies, as well as their wishes for the new year. The words they seek can express or expose their thoughts, hearts and characters...
台湾渔船走私市值33亿新台币毒品 船长获刑12年


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北京禁超24岁本科生落户引争议 学生看法不一


"We want to create a community, discover people of what they are doing, important projects or small projects which have a great impact for the planet. It is an odyssey around the earth to meet the people of what they are doing now not only for the long future for the planet," Noguez told Xinhua....


As soon as they heard Trump would be visiting the site in San Diego, the Mexican activists began to build a pinata resembling the U.S. president, complete with a suit, tie and his signature yellow hair....

台当局欲建台湾队拼外销 韩国瑜大骂:脑子有问题

The plot and building have been bought by an investor from the Netherlands, who believed that more Chinese companies will come here after the complex is converted to office facilities. Although the renovation has not yet finished, over 10 Chinese companies have already registered here....


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