National Debt Relief Review

Sometimes, you need a loan to save your life from bankruptcy. But by the time you need to repay, you may face another difficulty that does not allow you to breathe. Due to this reason, Danny T created National Debt Relief in 2009

National Debt Relief Review
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He is the co-founder who experiences suffocation back during his golden age. However, he also does not want other people to face this problem. As a result, he asks many debt professionals and negotiators to join the company.

The brand’s track record has reached successful debt-free 400K clients. Furthermore, it has become one of the US’s most powerful debt relief companies. So if you are looking for one in Washington State, look no further than this company.

It also has many loyal clients who are thankful for the service. For now, the Facebook account fills with 39K followers. Moreover, it has 26.6K on Instagram and 10.4K on LinkedIn. 

If you want to be free from debts, read this National Debt Relief review; I will thoroughly break it down. Thus, let’s jump into the next section ASAP! 

Why National Debt Relief?

As a client, you may want to know more about this company. It is an expected behavior that allows you to see beneficial possibilities. 

Why National Debt Relief?
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Below, I’ll write the company’s highlights; take a closer look. 

National Debt Relief Track Records 

  • An accredited business with an A+ score on BBB with no more than 89 complaints closed this last year 
  • An accredited company by the American Fair Credit Council (AFCC) 
  • Compose of a certified debt arbitrators team through the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators (IAPDA)
  • Resolve $10K or more in unsecured debts 
  • Full assistance until the customer is debt-free with at least a 12 to 48 months period

What's On National Debt Relief

After knowing the brand’s strength, I will now tell you the scope of debts this company can work out. Also, the type of debt is highly likely to be free. 

What's On National Debt Relief
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This debt relief company mainly helps people with unsecured debts. It is the type that does not tie in with personal assets, which results in fewer problems. Furthermore, the experts will do their best to give you freedom under these scopes: 

Credit Cards Personal Loans
Lines of Credit Medical Bills
Collections Repossessions
Business Debts  Certain Student Debts

Despite the scope, the brand only offers one service. Therefore, this National Debt Relief review will explain the service in the next section. Let’s make a move immediately! 

National Debt Relief Service Review

Well, you know that this debt relief brand will pave the way to free you from debts. It works by offering two services: Debt Settlement and Debt Consolidation. 

National Debt Relief Service Review
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Here are the differences. 

  • Debt Settlement
    This method will reduce your balance by negotiating the amount of the debts. As a result, you will pay less than you owe because the creditors forgive the remaining balance in a transaction, namely settlement.
  • Debt Consolidation
    The second method will combine all of your debts into one loan. You will pay it monthly, which may reduce the interest rate. However, you will need a higher credit score to be approved for this consolidation. 

So how do you know if your condition is more suitable between the two? Then, feel free to visit the link below for more explanation concerning solving the debts. 

How to Apply for National Debt Relief

Are you going to apply for debt relief services from this company? If so, you need to do these steps regularly. Hence, prepare yourself and follow the explanations below. 

  1. First, log in to your account and visit the Apply menu on the official website. 
  2. After that, fill in the estimated debt you own with a specific number which ranges from $0 up to $100K+.
  3. Remember to be honest because it will be an excellent consideration for the debt negotiators; then click Let’s Go. 
  4. The next step is to fill in your personal information, including your name, phone number, and email address.
  5. That’s it! The team will immediately contact you for further information concerning the debt-free solution. 

So if you’re ready to solve your loan issues, click the link below to apply to the program! 

How much does National Debt Relief?

Do you have to pay National Debt Relief?

Hiring a debt relief company may require a lot of budgets. As you know, this company offers experts and professionals in negotiating so that they can save you from bankruptcy. 

You need to remember that the company won’t ask you to pay the fee in the beginning. Once your debt issue solves, you must pay around 15 to 25% of your debt

This fee is compensation for any negotiation made with your creditors so that the interest rate may decrease. Therefore, you can reply the kindness whenever you see a significant difference. 

How Does National Debt Relief Work

What exactly does National Debt Relief do?

Don’t you wonder how is the service work? If you do, read the explanations below; I will explain them clearly. 

  1. First, clients book a free consultation with the experts.
  2. After that, the team will create an affordable monthly plan to repay your debt. When you assign the agreement, you no longer pay your creditor. Instead, you send the money to National Debt Relief.
  3. Then, this debt relief company will pay the money to complete your installment. 
  4. You will keep making this payment until your debts are paid thoroughly.
  5. Once you are debt-free, the team will ask for a compensation fee. 

I can say that hiring service from this company will save you money. You won’t run out of budget but will complete the payment on time. As a result, clients are mostly free from debts within one to two years. 

National Debt Relief Class Action Lawsuit

Will The Service Screwed Me?

When searching for this company online, you may find “screwed me,” which is worrying. The term blows out due to the less-detailed reading on terms and conditions. 

Several clients are unsatisfied with National Debt Relief because they do not understand how this brand work. Therefore, you must do deep research concerning the service to avoid this risk. 

National Debt Relief Pros and Cons

This National Debt Relief review will provide information regarding the brand’s pros and cons. Here they are. 

National Debt Relief Pros 

  • One of the largest debt relief brands in the US
  • Provides debt settlement and consolidation
  • Composed of professional debt arbitrators 
  • Suitable for eight loan types 
  • The payment does not come upfront 
  • Clients can cancel the service at any time 
  • Debt may be fully paid within one to two years 
  • Has many good feedbacks from clients 

National Debt Relief Cons

  • Compensation fee reaches 15 to 25% of the debt 
  • Clients may have a lower credit score 

Is National Debt Relief Worth It?

In the US, you can find many debt relief companies that can help you with your debts. However, you won’t find one except National Debt Relief, with a professional team and years of experience. 

Furthermore, this company is worth checking out because it has accreditation from BBB and AFCC. You will have a great companion to help you solve your debt issues. 

Not to mention that the payment does not occur at the front. Therefore, you can guarantee the effectiveness of the service and then pay the fee at the end of the agreement. 

Is National Debt Relief Legit?

Is National Debt Relief a Legitimate Program?

You already know the answer when this company gets accreditations from trusted organizations. In addition, National Debt Relief is legit, period.

Clients don’t need to doubt the service because it is approved by satisfied customers. The website is also safe and secure, thanks to the SSL certification. 

Therefore, you can book a consultation with the expert now to ask solution concerning your debts. Are you ready to save more and avoid bankruptcy? 

National Debt Relief Customer Reviews

What Do Clients Think?

This National Debt Relief review won’t disappoint you because it has a customer reviews section. If you are curious about their reaction, read the explanations below. 

National Debt Relief Customer Reviews
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This debt relief company receives three different ratings from different places, are:

  • 4.6/5 from 4.5K testimonials on Google 
  • 4.59/5 from 1.6K testimonials on BBB
  • 4.9/5 from 1.2K testimonials on ConsumerAffairs
  • and 4.7/5 from 35K testimonials on Trustpilot 

To give you complete information, here is one testimonial said:

I’m so amazed at this company. I’ve been in the program for only 6 months & they have closed 5 accounts. They have saved me so much money! Thank y’all so much.

This client feels delighted because the company can close five accounts quickly. Furthermore, it saves her money a lot.

Another one said: 

They are very helpful. I feel better about my future. I can’t wait to be debt free. I have a progam I can keep. Without this help, I couldn’t get out of debt and I was scared. They made the payment plan I could afford.

This client also hopes for her future because the team makes her pay an affordable fee. Furthermore, she can afford the monthly payment to be debt-free.

Therefore, I can say that National Debt Relief has no problem. Many clients are satisfied and find the service helpful. If there are bad reviews, they may be because of not understanding the terms and conditions. 

National Debt Relief Phone Number

If you intend to apply to this debt relief portal, don’t hesitate to call customer service at 800-300-9550. They will answer at these opening times: 

  • Mon to Fri: 8:00 AM – midnights EST
  • Sat: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM EST
  • Sun: 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM EST

But if you need assistance from the experts, call them at 888-660-7427 or fax them at 888-688-3291. These experts will assist you from Mon to Fri from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM EST. 

Meanwhile, general inquiries may shoot an email to or visit the following address. 

Corporate Address
180 Maiden Lane, 30th Floor
New York, 10038
Mailing Address
11 Broadway #1732
New York, 10004

National Debt Relief Cancellation Policy

You can cancel anytime if you’re unsatisfied with the brand’s efforts in solving your debts. To cancel the application, please get in touch with customer service at 800-300-9550 or

You don’t even need a cancellation form. Furthermore, it does not charge the clients any fees or penalties. Instead, once the cancellation completes, you will get your money back. 

Where to Access National Debt Relief

Clients who want to be free from debts may access the service through the official website. Please sign in to your account to access the menus well. Furthermore, you may see your progress negotiation to be debt-free in this portal. 


Debt is a hole that can attract you to bankruptcy. However, you can solve and complete the payment whenever you pay the price.

Thanks to National Debt Relief, clients can finish the payment quickly. Merely book a consultation with debt arbitrators, who will help immediately. So, consider the condition and ask for the service now!

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