Simply Business Insurance Review

Simply Business was founded in 2005 to provide the most affordable insurance for business owners and landlords. This insurance provider has the Group CEO namely, David Summers. 

Simply Business Insurance Review
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However, the UK CEO is Alan Thomas, and he provides two headquarters in Northampton and London. It aims to give insurance to small businesses, enabling them to have bigger dreams. 

Furthermore, it won Best Insurance Provider in 2018 and Broker of The Year in the Commercial Insurance Awards 2019. The reputation is incredibly high, allowing to own 31.5K followers on Facebook, 31.2K on Twitter, and 13K on LinkedIn. 

Should you want insurance from a trusted broker, look no further than reading this Simply Business review. Hence, stay tuned till the end to understand how the brand works! 

Why Shop at Simply Business Insurance?

Don’t you curious about the brand’s strength? Keep reading this section because I will tell you four significant factors this brand offers for all customers. 

Why Shop at Simply Business Insurance?
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This company is one of the UK’s biggest providers, with more than 800K clients and counting. It has many customers who trust it more and more. Even better, a client said that the renewal is easy and straightforward. 

Secondly, the broker coordinates with leading insurance companies in the UK with excellent reputations. They include More Th>n, HISCOX, AXA, ZURICH, AIG, Churchill, etc. Thanks to the options, you can compare the one you need the most. 

Next, the company promotes easy-to-purchase insurance through a call or online form. Customers may choose the more convenient one to get the best business and property insurance. 

Who knows, in your life, you need to claim a loss. Luckily, this broker has claims that are easy to request. Whenever you need assistance, the experts will get your back covered. 

Lastly, you may feel the insurance is a burden. Don’t worry; contacting the team lets you cancel the insurance policy easily. After that, they will do their best to make it right for you.

Now, you know this company’s best factors. So, therefore, I can say that you do not need another broker, don’t you? 

Whats On Simply Business Insurance

When you reach this section, I will write you the services you can order from this place. Simply Business offers two categories: Business Insurance and Landlord Insurance

Whats On Simply Business Insurance
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These are examples of the two abovementioned categories. 

Business Insurance Landlord Insurance
Public Liability Insurance
Employers’ Liability Insurance
Business Building Insurance
Contractor Insurance
Consultant Insurance, etc
Landlord Contents Insurance
Landlord Liability Insurance
Buy-to-let Insurance
Residential Landlord Insurance
Commercial Landlord Insurance, etc

Due to the limited words, this Simply Business review will focus only on these all-rounders:

Then, let’s pile up your curiosity by continuing the reading to the first insurance review! 

Simply Business Public Liability Insurance Reviews

Business owners should have Public Liability Insurance to cover common accidents. This insurance will protect your business against third parties due to injuries or property damage. 

Simply Business Public Liability Insurance Reviews
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You cannot reject the claim since it may come from your customer, a passerby, or even a visitor to your business area. Whether you’re at fault or not, this possibility may happen. 

Most UK insurance company offers this policy to cover these three: 

  • Accidental injury to a third party
  • Accidental damage to the property owned by a third party 
  • Accidental injury due to a product you made or sold to a third party 

So if you have more responsibility and tend to avoid paying disadvantageous loss claims, get your quote starting from £6.56 per month! 

Simply Business Landlord Liability Insurance Reviews

Landlord Liability Insurance will cover accidents during a gap between visits to a rented property. This type of policy builds specially for all landlords who want protection. 

Simply Business Landlord Liability Insurance Reviews
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It will protect you against compensation claims made by third parties, such as tenants, visitors, service tradespersons, etc. Below are the coverage provided by this policy:

  • Injuries caused by your property (building, fixtures, and contents) to a third party 
  • Damaged property caused by your rental property (building, fixtures, and contents) to a third party 
  • Claims made by tenants, their guests, or even passerby, which is a rare case 

Hence, if you do not want to lose money due to these conditions, name the quote for at least £13.26 per month! 

Simply Business Pricing

As previously discussed, this insurance provider tends to prioritise your need by offering comparisons from one insurer to others. Furthermore, you can adjust the quote based on your budget. 

The lowest premium you can get is around £6.56 to £13.26. In contrast, the company does not publish the highest ones. Hence, there is no need to worry about expensive quotes because you are the king who can customise the number. 

Simply Business Claims

How do I make a claim on Simply Business?

Sometimes you do not understand life, and that is normal. Unfortunately, this condition will lead to accidents, but thanks to this company, you can make a claim efficiently. 

Here are the four steps you need to fulfil: 

  1. Contact the team through an online form or call on 0333 207 0560 and tell them what is happening 
  2. Once you link to it, the claim handler will guide you to make a claim
  3. After that, send the supporting evidence, such as documents and photos. Remember to talk about important issues to the claim handler so that everything is under control. 
  4. If the claim is complete, the team will immediately review it. You will receive a BACS transfer within two hours if your claim is eligible. 

This claim process is simple, yet you need to complete every requirement. Thus, are you ready to make a claim? 

How Does Simply Business Work?

Accessing an online service may be confusing. Furthermore, you need to understand how this company work to provide you with the best quotes. So stay tuned!

  1. It all begins with customers who contact the team to seek business or landlord insurance.
  2. The team will be all ears and compares several leading insurance companies.
  3. Then, name the price so that you can find the best. 
  4. After that, you can buy the insurance and pay the premiums monthly.
  5. That’s it! You own insurance now! 

Customer service from this company is steady during opening hours. But, suppose you face a problem, don’t hesitate to sign in to your website account and ask for help. So, are you ready to make a quote? 

Simply Business Careers

This insurance company provides opportunities for all applicants who have interests in this sector. Additionally, it empowers the employee to find jobs that suit them well. 

Several benefits you’ll get from applying to this place are:

  • Remote Working 
  • Flexible Parental Leave
  • Wellbeing and Mental Health Resources
  • Flexible Scheme with Annual Allowance
  • Competitive Salary 
  • Life Insurance, etc

Should you be interested in applying for the job, please send your cover letter and application to

Simply Business Pros and Cons

In the middle of this Simply Business review, I want you to gain more insights concerning the brand’s pros and cons. Here we go! 

Simply Business Pros 

  • Provides the best insurance for all clients
  • Promotes the most affordable premium
  • Features with many leading companies in the insurance industry
  • Promotes easy access 
  • Provides accessible claim feature
  • Lifetime customer service 
  • Easy-to-access cancel policy 
  • Suitable for all UK society 
  • Has many good feedbacks from clients 

Simply Business Cons

Currently, I can’t find any contradictory affairs from this insurance provider. 

Is Simply Business Worth to Buy?

Novices who have never owned insurance may be confused and need more insights. Luckily, Simply Business is ready to help, making it worth checking and accessing

This UK’s biggest insurance provider allows you to name a quote regardless of price. Additionally, it gives you a comparison between one company to others. 

As a result, clients can own the insurance at the most affordable price. You can also get in touch with experts through a call or website. Hence, no need to look for others but trust this company! 

Is Simply Business Insurance Legit?

Besides worthiness, you need to research a website’s legitimacy. Through Simply Business, clients can access insurance quotes securely. 

The website features SSL certification, which will not take your data. Furthermore, this legit insurance provider allows you to read every piece of information thoroughly. 

Not only can you read the insurance explanation, but also you can see the profile’s company. Concerning the contact person, all of them are written well so that clients can get in touch efficiently. So, let’s start shopping for insurance now! 

Simply Business Insurance Customer Reviews

What Do Clients Think?

Before closing this Simply Business review, I want you to get closer to the company by learning about customer testimonials. This insurance provider obtains a 4.7/5 rating from 39K testimonials.

Simply Business Insurance Customer Reviews
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Here is what a delighted client said:

We had sightseeing around, and this was the best price. The gentleman was polite, helpful and professional. I would highly recommend them.

This client finds the offered price is the most significant than others. Moreover, the expert who accompanies him is professional. He would recommend this provider to others. 

Another one said: 

Simply amazing! I started a public liability policy with them for a real minimal price. The best quote out there, monthly payments bit more than a cuppa!

This customer is also happy because she can purchase insurance at a minimum price. Furthermore, it is the best quote she ever makes! 

I can conclude that this company offers the best insurance and customer service. As a result, many clients are delighted due to the friendly and knowledgeable explanation. 

Simply Business Insurance Contact

If you want more insurance insights, don’t hesitate to call 0333 014 6683. Experts in this sector will assist you to give more understanding value. So remember to give them a call at this hour. 

Opening Times 

Mon to Fri 9.00 am – 5.30 pm
Saturday  9.00 am – 2.00 pm

You may also submit a Request by filling in the issue and your requirement. Furthermore, you can get in touch with customer service on social media below:

  • Facebook: Simply Business
  • Twitter: @simplybusiness
  • LinkedIn: Simply Business

Please allow 24 hours to receive a reply. Avoid sending the message more than once because it may delay the response. The last method to contact the team is through this headquarters address. 

London HQ Northampton HQ
6th Floor, Gresham Street
London, EC2V 7 NG
Sol House 29 St Katherine’s Street
Northampton, NN1 2QZ

Where to Access Simply Business

The only place to access insurance from this company is through the official website. Please log in to your account first before accessing the quotes. 

Additionally, consider accessing during the opening hours to get assistance from the brokers. Hence, are you ready to make a quote now? 

Simply Business Cancel Policy

If you change your mind and want another insurance, please cancel your quote through 0333 014 6683. Remember to call customer service during opening hours. 

After that, you can tell your two cents and cancel it. The team will happily assist until you are successful with the service. 


Simply Business Exploration

You may have more questions about this broker. So please read the answer in the following section. 

Who is Simply Business owned by?

This insurance company is led by David Summers. Meanwhile, Alan Thomas leads the UK headquarters. 


Insurance is an investment you can for protecting assets. Despite the categories, you can benefit from purchasing one from Simply Business

This insurance provider will give you the most reasonable quote you can afford. Therefore, are you ready to name the price? Let’s get one to cover any possible risks now! 

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