The Harvest Plan Reviews

The Harvest Plan is a complete financial wellness platform that helps financial professionals and employers strengthen and maximize the fiscal fitness of their clients and employees.

The Harvest Plan Reviews
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Founded by Mark Harvey, the company is based in California, United States. Since 2002, Mark has established and grown the brand with his perseverance.

Coming from a background of financial knowledge, he then founded the brand to help people have a better, clearer, and more readily financial journey.

The company aims to help customers to find a suitable investment, tax plan, real estate, or retirement. In addition, this financial plan company will also help analyze the customer’s specific situation, leading him to a better financial management plan.

Unfortunately, we could not find any valid information regarding the company’s social media. However, it is free to visit the brand’s official website to find out the latest information on the brand and its development!

Hence, how does this financial plan company work? What do they offer, and how much is it? You don’t have to worry, as The Harvest Plan review will bring you an in-depth explanation of the brand. So, let’s move on to the next part to get started!

Why Shop at The Harvest Plan?

The answer is simple; The Harvest is the best, and without a doubt! This company will help you provide advanced insights, appropriately changing your sails and direction as the financial winds change your personal life.

Why Shop at The Harvest Plan?
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The Harvest Plan Review: What The Brand Offers

  • The best overall and fully integrated financial planning software.
  • The best way for consumers to improve financial decision-making.
  • Provides the easiest-to-use and simplest method to organize your finances
  • The most credible & transparent way to understand consumer finance.
  • The cheapest tool available for financial planning.

What's On The Harvest Plan Review

The brand offers you Harvest Plan Software and Coaching System (THP). The training videos are presented by your MoneyPlanCoach and are aimed at helping you get more efficient prospects on the way to reaching the best personal financial journey.

What's On The Harvest Plan Review
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Depending on your goals, you can choose between the following 2 plans; For Individuals and Families or For Financial Professionals. Of course, both have different methods, analyses, and factors.

The THP will create a multi-dimensional relationship, giving you a mental, emotional, visual, pragmatic, mathematical, and experiential connection between you and your financial coach.

Furthermore, THP helps the customer to organize, classify, and build a more vigorous financial life. As a result, with trust, loyalty, and clarity in hand, both parties can focus on problem-solving and moving to the next level.

The Harvest Plan For Individuals and Families Program

This program takes 15 minutes/per week and will guide you towards greater money confidence and peace of mind about money management.

The Harvest Plan For Individuals and Families Program
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Here, you will get a complete training system. Similarly, just like adding to your money, the company will help multiply your financial knowledge to design and build your ideal life.

Armed with the knowledge of money organization, you have created a much better financial destiny for your future funds.

What’s more, it even provides you with a 15-day free trial that allows you to try this program before deciding to buy the membership.

In addition, during the free trial, you can see a 5x personal savings to expense-ratio. Likewise, the program also helps you save hundreds, if not thousands more, during the free trial period to fund your annual membership!

The Harvest Plan For Financial Professionals Program

If you want to close deals faster, build more connections and trust, and present offers with strong third-party validation, this Financial Professionals Program will not be missed!

The Harvest Plan For Financial Professionals Program
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This program will help you win more business as you offer your demonstrated solutions. During collaborative assessment and discovery, you will uncover needs faster and build client interest & engagement with ease.

By utilizing guerrilla marketing foundations and technology, you will unlock giant “Nests” of leads as a corporate employee advisor.

All in all, this program gives you unparalleled care, expertise, and value. As a result, you will gain deep trust, loyalty, or even better new business opportunities. Earn business every time by giving the priceless gift of creating their best future by joining this program!

The Harvest Plan Price

How Much The Harvest Plan Cost?

Basically, there is only one membership in this company: The Gold Membership, which is for the Individuals and Families Program. You can upgrade your plan but not downgrade it. Monthly plans cost $30/month, while annual plans cost $299/year.

As for Software Pricing, which is for Financial Professionals Program, you’ll get the standard platinum professional partner price, which is $1,995/year or $195/month. To ascertain whether the company’s programs and software suit your purpose, you are welcome to try the Free Trial before deciding on your program.

How Does The Harvest Plan Work?

The company’s system will help you manage your finances in at least 5 powerful ways, namely:

  • Manage your finances to the fullest, without exception
  • Train you to manage your money better
  • Gives you transparent insight into all your business financial services
  • Makes what were once powerful calculations simple and easy to understand
  • Builds the financial skills and flexibility to achieve your dreams

With the brand’s financial plan program, you will look at financial challenges and opportunities confidently, with strong skills and knowledge.

The Harvest Plan Pros & Cons

With so many financial planner programs in the market, it takes work to choose the suitable one. This section will then discuss the good and bad of the brand so that it can be a consideration for you:

The Harvest Plan Pros

  • Established by expert financial professionals
  • Free trial offered
  • The training program is brief and clear
  • The program is detailed, targeted, and has obvious purposes
  • The price is relatively affordable

The Harvest Plan Cons

  • No social media to follow
  • No email to contact (in a professional way)
  • There are no different points in a gold membership program, so customers can’t distinguish between monthly and annual benefits
  • No clear information about the coach’s list
  • No exact information on whether they’re available in other languages or not

Is The Harvest Plan Worth To Buy?

The Harvest Plan’s training programs & software are worth investing in for more detailed and confident financial planning. In addition, the company has specialized tools like MoneyDecoder, which helps you break down complex topics into simple language, making it easier for you to master.

Is The Harvest Plan Worth To Buy?
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In addition, with just 10-15 minutes of training per week, you will get a lot of insights and advanced intelligence to turn your direction correctly when the financial winds change in your personal life. Also, with a reasonable cost, we highly recommend this financial planner!

The Harvest Plan Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

As important as it is to consider the good and bad of the company, taking a peek at feedback from other customers is one of the essential things you need to do. So, we included some customer reviews from the brand’s official website to make it easier for you to decide.

The Harvest Plan Customer Reviews
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Let’s start with a customer who rated the company as knowledgeable and professional. This customer said:

…I cannot speak highly enough about his knowledge and professionalism! He is one of the nicest guys on the planet- extremely thorough, an expert in his field, and I wouldn’t consider trusting anyone else with my tax returns or financial planning!

You don’t have to worry even if you don’t understand financial language. Like this customer, he feels delighted that the brand helped him utilize his resources most effectively. He said:

…For a guy like me, taxes and financial planning has a language that I just don’t understand, so it’s incredible to have a guy like mark who always takes the time to help me know what my options are and how to utilize the resources that are available to me effectively.

One satisfied customer with the sophistication of the brand’s software said:

I love his embrace and use of technology. He continually improves his processes and systems every year. I highly recommend Mark for your tax and financial needs!

Of course, these customer reviews show they are pleased and satisfied using the brand‘s software as their financial planner. In addition, they can also do consultations even if they are laymen. So, the brand is worthy for every purpose.

The Harvest Plan Customer Service

How To Contact The Harvest Plan

If you have any questions regarding orders, payments, or other policies, you can contact customer service promptly. You can submit a form provided on the official website. Also, you can make a call at 888-687-7600 or send a fax at 949-203-2100. 

The Harvest Plan Warranty

To guarantee customer satisfaction, the brand gives a 15-day free trial. In addition, the brand also guarantees a full refund if the brand is unable to generate or save more than 5 times the initial amount you have paid for the system.

Where To Buy The Harvest Plan

Of course, there is no other place. You can only get attractive financial offers by subscribing directly through the brand’s official website. Here, you can take a free trial and discuss your program afterward. So, visit the brand’s official website now and get your free trial!


Got a question about Harvest Plan Review? Get your answer!

These are some of the questions that customers often ask. Let’s check!

Where is The Harvest Plan based?

The company is based in California, United States. These are some of the questions that customers often ask. Let’s check!

Who is the owner of Harvest Plan?

The brand is founded and established by Mark Harvey, a financial professional since 1990.


Harvest Plan is more than just a design plan for your financial house. The program has so many tools and strategic guides that are interactive and constructive. Backed by a built-in coach, the brand is ready to guide you every step of the way!

Throughout its journey, the company has successfully helped thousands of families improve their knowledge, confidence & decisions for their financial future through the brand’s program experience and insights. So, for better future money planning, we highly recommend this company for you!

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